Monday, July 11, 2011

Deep in the Perigord Noir...

...lies Manoir De Triste, its ancient honey coloured turrets crumbling after seven hundred and forty nine harsh winters and seven hundred and fifty scorching summers. And within the thick, stone walls lives a girl, and her name is Ottoline.
Ottoline lives a secluded and solitary life, her only company are the scampering animals in the dense forest that surrounds the manoir and of course the animals that she brings back to her dark abode....
You see, Ottoline can't bear to say goodbye to her forest friends, so every morning she ventures out into the black woods and mournfully collects her little friends who didn't survive the dark night. On her return to the cool, ivy clad walls of her home, she stitches, and she sews, she snips and she stuffs until all her stiff little friends are with her once more....for eternity.

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